Become an Ambassador

Thank you for your willingness to promote your industry to the workers of tomorrow!

You know better than anyone that the seed industry offers opportunity, stability, and career growth. Combining the needs of an expanding global community with the uncertain future of many industries, a seed career is an ideal solution for many who are just entering the job market. What's more, with your industry expanding rapidly, recruiting future workers is critical.

Whether a young person's goal is to be part of a high-tech, innovative industry … earn a handsome living … and/or make a difference in the world, your industry offers an excellent solution. And as a seed industry "success story" – you are in the ideal position to spread the word about seed careers!

We appreciate your commitment to our industry – today, and for the future.


Volunteer to share your perspectives on the seed industry with schools and civic organizations in your area

First the Seed Foundation is looking for seed industry volunteers to serve as Ambassadors for its student and adult education programs. FTSF will develop materials to be used by our Ambassadors to "tell the story of seeds" in their local area or wherever the opportunities exist.  All you will need to do is smile and have a great time sharing our story.