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Are you ready to grow the next generation of seed scientists and environmental innovators?

Planting the Seed

Introducing Planting the Seed — a standards-based curriculum for grades 6-8 that cultivates an understanding of seeds and their impact on society.

  • Four teacher-approved lessons
  • Engaging hands-on activities
  • Ready to use in your science, ELA, social studies, or technology class
  • Aligned with national standards and 21st century skills
  • No extra preparation necessary
  • FREE for educators

Your students will explore how tiny seeds can solve some of the planet’s biggest problems and discover an exciting world of future opportunities.

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After downloading the curriculum, make sure to watch our new videos!

To help your students understand the vital role seeds play in our world, how seeds can solve 21st Century problems, and all the job opportunities in this emerging, global field, watch our three new “Planting the Seed” videos.

Seeds Up Close

Seeds In Action

Cultivating What's Next