Upward – Volume 2, Issue 1

Dive into 2017’s first issue of Upward to learn about more of the fascinating research taking place on the International Space Station U.S. National Lab.

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Glossary of Terms

A list of terms used in the Tomatosphere™ Glossary based activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Tomatosphere frequently asked questions related to the project.

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All About Tomatoes

An introduction to the fruit that will be germinated in the Tomatosphere™ Project. In this project, Tomatosphere tomatoes will be considered fruit.

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Why Choose Tomatoes? – Selecting Plants for Space Travel

The best crop to grow is one which has small hardy seeds, a short germination period, and a few other criteria. Tomatoes seem to fulfill these requirements.

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Energy From the Sun – Green Plants as Primary Food Producers

This Tomatosphere resource shows how plants convert solar energy into chemical energy through a process known as photosynthesis.

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Exploring Space – An Introduction

This Tomatosphere Exploring Space resource outlines the relevancy of the Tomatosphere project in the task of space exploration.

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International Space Station

An introduction to the International Space Station (ISS) which also provides link to other sites for further background information, student activities and research opportunities.

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Living in Space

For living in space, a human needs a balanced diet containing enough energy for each day’s activities, and a suitable environment.

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What Astronauts Eat

Attached is the 16-day rotating menu used by Dr. Robert Thirsk to show what astronauts eat while he was on board the ISS for 187 days in 2009.

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Astronaut Menu – Robert Thirsk’s Menu

A 16-day rotating astronaut menu used by Dr. Robert Thirsk while he was on board the International Space Station for 187 days in 2009.

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Mars – An Introduction

This Mars introduction PDF provides an overview which might supply a number of answers to questions about the formation of our solar system and more.

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Martian Crop Possibilities

Tomatosphere™ concentrates on just one crop – tomatoes. In this resource, Tomatosphere crop possibilities are presented for your consideration.

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Plants and Light

Light is very important to the growth of green plants like the tomatoes in your Tomatosphere™ Project. The attached PDF goes in-depth on plants and light.

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Greenhouses on Mars

This Tomatosphere resource compares greenhouses on mars to greenhouses on earth.

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Mars – Weather, Agriculture and Greenhouses

Before humans can exist on the surface of Mars, there is much to be learned about the Mars weather, “soil”, and the potential use of greenhouses there.

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Sunlight on Mars – Is There Enough Light on Mars to Grow Tomatoes?

Will there be enough natural sunlight on Mars to grow crops such as tomatoes, if they are housed in a suitable greenhouse, or will artificially heated greenhouses be required?

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