Tomatosphere Data Collection Sheet

This Tomatosphere Data Collection Sheet will help you when observing and documenting the growth of your seeds for your Tomatosphere experiment.

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Exploring Space – Student Questions

This PDF contains some “guiding questions” which will help to get your students thinking about exploring space and particularly Mars.

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Investigation Plan

This Tomatosphere resource is a document for teachers to discuss with students the process to follow in planning and carrying out their investigation plan.

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Student Research Projects

Teachers have asked for “ideas” to get the class started with student research projects. This resource contains SOME potential research topics for students.

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Glossary-based Student Activities

A collection of Tomatosphere™ student activities for students to have fun with. These crossword puzzles and three-word scrambles, arranged in order from easy to more difficult, are related to the terms in the glossary.

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Martian Crop Possibilities – Student Investigation

This investigation can be modified for students at different levels. It supplements the Tomatosphere™ Project by looking at a variety of crops that are possibilities for Martian cultivation. It should be used with the chart on Crop Characteristics found with the Martian Crop Possibilities

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Martian Greenhouse: A Micro-Ecosystem – Student Investigation

Students will investigate the difficulties in building a stable ecosystem containing higher organisms in a make-shift martian greenhouse.

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Energy from the Sun – Student Investigation

This resource provides an outline for a student investigation about sun energy relating to food products and fruit.

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The Growth of Green Plants – Student Investigation

This student investigation looks at predictions related to the absence of any of the basic requirements for the growth of green plants.

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Water Vapor in Closed Environment Systems – Student Investigation

This Tomatosphere resource contains instructions for teachers on getting students to investigate questions they have about water vapor.

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How Much Light – Student Investigation

Students investigate the relationship between plant growth and the duration of available light. Tomatosphere seedlings can be used to investigate how much light is needed for this project.

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