Register for Tomatosphere™ Going Beyond;

Tomatosphere™ Going Beyond is currently accepting registration for the 2020-2021 school year. As you register, please indicate if you would like seeds to plant in: Spring, Fall, or both Spring and Fall.

The information you provide will be directly applied to ALL your correspondence. Your name, school, address, postal code / zip code will become the mailing label.

Your e-mail address will be our main way of contacting you. You must enter correct information for this process to be successful.

You may register for the other teachers in the school who wish to be involved in the Tomatosphere™ project. Materials will be sent to you for distribution to your colleagues. Please ensure that you indicate the number of teachers and the number of classes involved. You will receive approximately 30 of each of the seed types for the experiment for EACH CLASS.

We use an automated response to validate our electronic connection with you. After completing your registration, if you do NOT receive an automatic email response WITHIN 24 HOURS, please check your junk or spam folder. If you do not find the confirmation email, please contact the project manager at