The seed industry is at the forefront of innovations in developing food, fuel, and fiber for the growing world’s population. It offers career opportunities for students with a variety of skills and interests in Management and Business; Science and Engineering; Agriculture and Forestry Production; and Education, Communication, and Government Services.

Use the free career education program, Grow, to help your students explore their talents and become successful in the workplace. Each Grow: Career Handbook includes:

  • A list of seed careers with the most opportunities. There’s sure to be a perfect match for your students!
  • A handy checklist to guide students through the basic steps in preparing for a future seed career. 
  • A parent handout with information and resources for learning about the wonderful career opportunities in the seed industry.
  • A valuable, time-saving resource list of websites for students to check out seed-related careers, colleges, scholarships, internships, and much more.
  • Career profiles of real people that provide a better idea of various job responsibilities, as well as the  interests, skills, education, and training that led them to a successful career in the seed industry.
The Grow: Career Handbook was developed by First the Seed Foundation, an organization established to conduct education and outreach on the value of crops and food produced from seeds. Grow was reviewed by an Advisory Board of school counselors to ensure the most valuable content for you and your students.

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