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Houseplants are the New Office (or Classroom) Plants

plants on ledge

Houseplants are the New Office (or Classroom) Plants

While we have officed and learned at home, more and more of us have felt the benefits of houseplants. Filling our home office with undemanding plants we’ve understood more fully the calm they can bring. Now, as we are moving between home and office, employees are wanting their workspaces to reflect that “at home” feel and are asking employers to provide it.

The value of plant life in the office is vast and businesses are looking to provide that atmosphere as they bring their employees back. One study, highlighted in a 2020 article in Science Daily, suggests that business owners would see an economic benefit in providing small plants at the work areas of their employees. They add moisture to our dry indoor air through transpiration.

But wait there’s more! Studies conducted over decades continue to prove the vast array of benefits that include reducing stress. A 2010 study by the University of Technology in Sydney found a 58 percent reduction in depression and 37 percent in anxiety. Anger dropped by 44 percent. Other studies suggest productivity increases by 15 percent, absenteeism drops by 14 percent.  The University of Vermont cites studies that prove it is cost-effective to keep employees happy and values plant “assets” at ten times a building operating cost and 100 times the energy cost!