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Astronaut Menu – Robert Thirsk’s Menu

This Resource is part of the Tomatosphere™ Program

Designed for: Grades K-8
For use by: Students, Teachers.
Learning Styles: Classroom based
Resource Type: Document


(B): Beverage

(FF): Fresh Food: These foods are neither processed nor artificially preserved. They are normally eaten fairly quickly so that they do not spoil during a space mission.

(I): Irradiated: Products that are cooked and packaged in flexible foil pouches and sterilized by ionizing radiation so they can be kept at room temperature.

(IM): Intermediate Moisture: Foods preserved by taking some water out of the product while leaving enough to maintain a soft texture. They can be eaten without any preparation.

(NF): Natural Form: These foods are ready to eat and are packaged in flexible pouches.

(R): Rehydratable: Water is removed from these foods by freeze-drying them. They are lightweight and easy to store. Water is then replaced in the foods before they are eaten.

(T): Thermostabilized: Foods that are heat processed so they can be stored at room temperature.

Meal Day 1

Chicken w/ Corn & Black Beans (T) or
Chicken Strips in Salsa (T)
Potatoes au Gratin (R)
Rhubarb Applesauce (T)
Butter Cookies (NF)
Orange-Mango Drink (B)
Macadamia Nuts (NF)
Butterscotch Pudding (T) or Banana Pudding (T)
Lemon-Lime Drink (B)

Meal Day 2

Nut & Fruit Granola Bar (NF) or Yogurt Covered
Granola Bar (NF)
Mocha Yogurt (T)
Dried Peaches (NF)
Pineapple Drink (B)
Minestrone Soup (T)
Beef Tips w/ Mushrooms (I)
Cornbread Dressing (R)
Cauliflower w/ Cheese (R)
Apricot Cobbler (T)

Meal Day 3

Tuna Noodle (T) or Chicken w/ Peanut Sauce (T)
Mixed Vegetables (T)
Strawberries (R)
Vanilla Pudding (T)
Tropical Punch (B)
Chicken Salad Spread (T)
Crackers (NF)
Lemonade (B)

Meal Day 4

Breakfast Sausage Links (I)
Grits w/ Butter (R) or Cheese Grits (T)
Waffle (NF)
Vanilla Breakfast Drink (B)
Hot & Sour Soup (T)
Chicken Teriyaki (I) or Teriyaki Chicken (R)
Tomatoes & Eggplant (T)
Pears (T)
Rice Pudding (R)
Chipotle Snack Bread (NF)

Meal Day 5

Beef Steak (I)
Potato Medley (T) or Pasta w/ Pesto (T)
Green Beans w/ Mushrooms (R)
Bread Pudding (T)
Orange-Mango Drink (B)
Almonds (NF) or Cashews (NF)
Dried Pears (IM) or Dried Apricots (IM)
Apple Cider (B)

Meal Day 6

Seasoned Scrambled Eggs (R)
Oatmeal w/ Brown Sugar (R)
Peaches (T)
Orange Juice (B)
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup (T)
Smoked Turkey (I)
Baked Beans (T)
Macaroni & Cheese (R)
Candy Coated Peanuts (NF)

Meal Day 7

Crawfish Etouffée (T) or Seafood Gumbo (T)
Candied Yams (T) or Carrot Coins (T)
Peach Ambrosia (R)
Shortbread Cookies (NF)
Strawberry Drink (B)
Cheddar Cheese Spread (T)
Tortillas (NF)
Mango-Peach Smoothie (B)

Meal Day 8

Scrambled Eggs (R)
Bran Chex (R) or Cornflakes (R)
Apples w/ Spice (T)
Pineapple Drink (B)
Beef Stew (T)
Rice Pilaf (R)
Tomatoes & Artichokes (R)
Wheat Flat Bread (NF)
Brownie (NF)

Meal Day 9

Shrimp Cocktail (R)
Tofu w/ Hoisin (T) or Tofu w/ Hot Mustard (T)
Brown Rice (T)
Sugar Snap Peas (T)
Tapioca Pudding (T)
Apple Cider (B)
Tuna (T) or Salmon (T)
Tortillas (NF)
Grape Drink (B)

Meal Day 10

Granola Bar (NF)
Oatmeal w/ Raisins & Spice (R)
Blueberry-Raspberry Yogurt (T)
Pineapple (T)
Orange-Grapefruit Drink (B)
Tomato Basil Soup (T)
Teriyaki Beef Steak (I)
Green Beans & Potatoes (T)
Pasta w/ Shrimp (R) or Shrimp Fried Rice (R)
Cherry Blueberry Cobbler (T)

Meal Day 11

Lasagna w/ Meat (T) or Fiesta Chicken (T)
Italian Vegetables (R) or Asparagus (R)
Berry Medley (R)
Candy Coated Chocolates (NF)
Lemonade (B)
Chicken-Pineapple Salad (R)
Crackers (NF)
Peach-Apricot Drink (B)

Meal Day 12

Mexican Scrambled Eggs (R)
Granola w/ Blueberries (R) or Granola w/ Raisins (R)
Chocolate Breakfast Drink (B)
Orange-Pineapple Drink (B)
Cream of Mushroom Soup (R) or Chicken
Noodle Soup (T)
Turkey Tetrazzini (R)
Broccoli au Gratin (R)
Curry w/ Vegetables (T)
Applesauce (T)

Meal Day 13

Chicken Fajitas (T) or Beef Fajitas (I)
Red Beans & Rice (T) or Black Beans (T)
Tortillas (NF)
Fruit Cocktail (T) or Citrus Fruit Salad (T)
Chocolate Pudding (T)
Grape Drink (B)
Peanut Butter (T)
Crackers (NF)
Cocoa (B)

Meal Day 14

Sausage Pattie (R)
Homestyle Potatoes (T)
Waffle (NF)
Trail Mix (IM)
Grapefruit Drink (B)
Split Pea Soup (T)
BBQ Brisket (I) or Grilled Pork Chop (T)
Spicy Green Beans (R)
Southwestern Corn (T)
Chocolate Pudding Cake (T)

Meal Day 15

Sweet & Sour Chicken (R) or Sweet & Sour Pork (T)
Teriyaki Vegetables (R)
Rice & Chicken (R) or Noodles & Chicken (R)
Candy Coated Almonds (NF)
Strawberry Drink (B)
Tuna Salad Spread (T)
Crackers (NF)
Lemon-Lime Drink (B)

Meal Day 16

Vegetable Quiche (R)
Granola (R)
Tropical Fruit (T)
Orange Drink (B)
Potato Soup (T)
Meatloaf (T)
Corn (R)
Creamed Spinach (R)
Cranapple Dessert (T)