Your sponsorship of the FTSF’s initiatives and events is an investment-in your industry and in your business. FTSF is a 501(c)(3) FIEN 68-0654181, all donations are tax deductible. You can donate using the following methods:

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Contact Ann Jorss
at 703-837-8140 or send an email to our Contact Form

The benefits you receive from this investment are significant

Shape the Future: Your support helps build knowledge and understanding of agriculture among school-age children and encourages them to pursue careers in our industry. This will help maintain the supply of future employees.
Join the Leaders: Companies, as well as individuals, are known by the company they keep. FTSF supporters are associated with the industry’s leading suppliers and operators.
Receive Recognition: The FTFS publicizes your participation in appropriate communication pieces and on this website. Event sponsors are recognized for their contributions at the event site.
Build Loyalty: FTSF sponsorship not only expands awareness of your products and/or company, but also enhances the value of all you offer in the minds of your customers.
Enhance Public Image: FTSF sponsorship will highlight your company’s role as a benefactor and a participant in creating awareness of the role of seed in the production of food, feed, fiber, and fuel to help keep the global economy running.

  • Company/individual name listed in printed Foundation materials
  • Company/individual name listed on recognition banner at Foundation displays
  • Company/individual receives Foundation newsletter

All Supporter benefits plus:

  • Foundation logo available for donor company website with year of gift indicated
  • Foundation donor pins (up to 10)

Payable over not more than three years
All Champion benefits plus:

  • Foundation press release announcing the gift and highlighting the company/individual's philanthropic activities
  • Foundation logo available for company press release and marketing materials (for year[s] of gift only)

Payable over not more than three years
All Patron benefits plus:

  • Company/individual profile in an issue of the Foundation newsletter
  • Logo recognition in Foundation printed pieces
  • Link from Foundation home page to company's home page

Payable over not more than three years
All Benefactor benefits plus:

  • Largest logo recognition in Foundation printed pieces
  • Banner on Foundation home page
  • Verbal recognition and brief check presentation appearance at ASTA Annual Convention general session (for year[s] of gift only)

All Partner benefits plus:

  • Title sponsor privileges for specific Foundation project
  • Company/individual may provide customized guidance on project specifications in consultation with Foundation
  • The Foundation will work with donor to create additional recognition opportunities as desired