Your Tomato Seeds

Your tomato seeds come from traditional seed production methods; they have NOT been modified through the use of biotechnology. The seeds are a hybrid variety from HeinzSeeds, part of the Kraft Heinz Company, the third largest food and beverage company in North America.

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Before You Begin the Tomatosphere Project

With the Tomatosphere™ Project, “planning, planning, planning” is the key to success. This resource will help you begin Tomatosphere project planning.

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Tomatosphere Supplies

Having the proper supplies for the Tomatosphere™ Project on-hand will make the experiment easier for teachers and students. Tomatosphere supplies are outlined in the “Before You Begin the Tomatosphere™ Experiment”. You can obtain your supplies locally or you can order them directly from the Tomatosphere™ supporter, Stokes Seeds.

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Seed Starting – How-to Guidelines

This is a reference for Tomatosphere™ planting and any other seed planting exercise. It outlines some of the key elements of starting your own seeds – the containers, the planting medium, temperature and moisture requirements and light.

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Conducting the Tomatosphere Experiment

This Tomatosphere resource will walk you through the general steps in conducting the Tomatosphere experiment in your classroom.

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The Science Experiment in Detail

This downloadable PDF gives details and hints on how to conduct the Tomatosphere science experiment in your classroom.

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Germination – How to Tell

Your students will be able to understand when “germination” has taken place using the descriptions and photographs in the Tomatosphere Germination PDF.

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Collecting and Recording Your Data

To ensure the consistency of observations made by numerous independent observers, the following criteria will be used to define the condition “successfully germinated”. For purposes of this experiment, a seed

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Keeping Parents Involved

You can assist parents’ and guardians’ understanding of Tomatosphere by keeping them informed about the purpose of the project and how it fits into your curriculum plans.

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Reporting Your Results

Reporting Your Results fulfills the primary objective of the Tomatosphere experiment. Attached is a PDF guiding you through reporting your results.

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Inviting the Media

If you wish to generate publicity for your school’s Tomatosphere experiment, the attached Tomatosphere media release PDF may be modified and sent to your local media outlets.

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